Long Island Serial Killer May Be Ex-Law Enforcement


Tomorrow the search for more bodies tied to a possible serial killer on Long Island will move west, from Suffolk County to Nassau County. As the investigation continues, police say evidence suggests that the killer understands police techniques, and may even be a former officer.

Police have found eight bodies on Long Island’s coast since December. The first four victims were identified as prostitutes who advertised on Craigslist. According to the New York Times, the women were all dumped in burlap sacks. The four unidentified bodies discovered last week are older and were not in bags. It’s possible that the cases are unrelated, or the serial killer’s technique may have evolved over time.

Soon after Melissa Barthelemy, one of the first victims identified, went missing nearly two years ago, her teenage sister received six phone calls from an unidentified man. Police aren’t disclosing what exactly was said, but they’ve been described as vulgar, mocking and insulting calls that the family’s lawyer says were, “disparaging of the sister, because of her lifestyle.”

Each of the calls was made from a crowded location in New York City, such as Madison Square Garden and Times Square, which allowed the killer to blend into crowds so police wouldn’t be able to spot him on surveillance cameras even if they picked up his location from the phone’s signal. Police failed to pinpoint the killer’s location four times because he kept all of the calls to under three minutes. He also contacted the other victims using disposable cell phone. From The Times:

“He is a guy who is aware of how we utilize technology,” one investigator said. “Frankly, people are thinking maybe he could be a cop” – either one still in law enforcement or one who has moved on.
“Without question, this guy is smart, this guy is not a dope,” the investigator continued. “It’s a guy who thinks about things.”

While police have wrapped up their initial investigation of Oak Beach and Gilgo Beach, the investigation is far from over. Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told NBC New York, “it is possible we missed something, and as I said, we’re gonna be back here again. We’re not giving up.”

Serial Killer In L.I. Case Is Seen As Versed In Police Techniques [NYT]
LI Search For Bodies Moves West [NBC New York]

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