Long Island Woman With Excellent Business Acumen Offers Hot Dogs and Free Lap Dances


Catherine Scalia of East Rockaway has a calling, which is to sell hot dogs out of a camper van in her driveway and give free topless lap dances on a swing in her yard.

“This is what I love to do, sell hot dogs and show off what I got a little bit,” she tells New York’s Fox 5. “If you got it, flaunt it, that’s what I say.”

We agree, Catherine. We agree.

And in case you were wondering, “these are real,” she says. “These aren’t silicone!”

Scalia was previously arrested in 2012 on misdemeanor prostitution charges for propositioning an undercover cop at her hot dog truck. She was sentenced to seven days in jail and was dubbed the “hot dog hooker” by the media for a lifetime.

“I solicited an undercover officer,” she stated plainly at the time. “I didn’t know that was going to happen. You know, I told this guy to come to my house, I’m gonna do a strip, we’re gonna have fun and then you’re going to go home and that’s gonna be the end. I didn’t know I was gonna be in cuffs all over the news again.”

Now, she adds, “When I gave the undercover cop the lap dance? I had PANTS on…I didn’t even go topless!”

Now, all Scalia wants is to live out her remaining years giving lap dances and selling her hot dogs.

“I got another 20 years to go before I drop dead,” she tells Fox, adding, “I want you to send all the guys to [address redacted in East Rockaway for lunch and a lap dance from the queen.”

You know what they say: Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.

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Images via Fox 5.

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