Looker Donald Trump Mocks 'Seriously Overweight' Protester As He's Kicked Out of Rally [UPDATED]


Decomposing pumpkin pie inhabited by vicious albino squirrels and presidential candidate Donald Trump had a protester ejected from a rally in Worcester, Massachusetts Wednesday night. As the guy was muscled out, Trump made fun of his weight.

ABC News has video of the man being ejected:

The news agency reports that just before the man was ejected, Trump was talking about his plan to drop people from the food stamp rolls: “We have 43 million and now it’s actually probably gonna be closer to 50. 50 million people on food stamps.” (There are roughly 45 million people receiving SNAP benefits in the United States, down from a record high in December 2012. The average benefit is about is about $127. It’s not bankrupting America. God knows where Trump is going with this.)

From ABC’s report, it sounds like the protester was shouting, “Trump’s a racist, Trump’s a racist” before he was kicked out. (A group also unfurled a banner reading “Migrant Lives Matter” midway through).

Trump suggested the interruption came for another reason.

“You know it’s amazing, I mentioned food stamps at that guy who’s seriously overweight went crazy — Amazing. Amazing,” he told the audience. “That’s an amazing sight.”

It’s fun having the country’s seething collective id run for president, huh?

Update, 10:55 a.m.:

The protester in question, who is named Malt Schlitzmann, just emailed us to clarify that he yelled that Trump was “greedy,” not “racist.” He also has a very good description for the presidential candidate. Competitively good, to be honest.

Hello Anna Merlan (I’m unsure of how to do polite introductions without assuming gender and marriage status, sorry.)
I really appreciate your describing Trump as a decomposing pumpkin pie, you have an enviable gift for metaphor. I have one minor correction to your article, I was not the protester calling Trump a racist. That occurred at the beginning of the rally, and that man was arrested.
I shouted “They’re on food stamps because of you” and continued to holler about greed, fear, and bigotry as I was escorted out of the DCU center. For what it’s worth, I bought this suit when I was much fatter, and Donald Trump is an egg-and-beer-fart in an elevator, so fuck him.
Your Friend In This And Every Fight,
Malt Schlitzmann

We stand very delightfully corrected.

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Trump raises the roof in Worcester, MA, November 18, 2015. Photo via AP Images

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