Louis Vuitton Is High Camp


Marc Jacobs described this LV collection as “camp,” and the man did not exaggerate: it was like the costume designer for an Anna Mae Wong film jumped in a time machine, hung out with Warhol, and fell into a K-hole.

Hm. Plays with the shapes of the 70s and the idea of the “career woman,” yet this somehow isn’t spelling “liberation.”

She loves the nightlife, she loves to boogie…

For the exhibitionist flapper on your Christmas list!

The Siegfried and Roy look: always a win.

The flowing color blocks were reminiscent of nothing so much as Cirque du Soleil!

A delight for touch as well as sight!

Like Vreeland said, a little bad taste is like a dash of paprika. And who doesn’t love a deviled egg?

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