Lucky Shills For Jessica Simpson On The Sly


Jessica Simpson is on the cover of Lucky, and inside, you’ll find lots of items she “designed” interspersed amongst the other stuff by Armani, Miu Miu and Banana Republic. Let’s count how many times her products appear or are namechecked.

(We’re counting advertising and product mentions in her actual interview as half-a-mention, since they’re to be expected.)

1 & 2: On page 80, we discover that Jessica’s cover look consists of a Jessica Simpson Collection belt ($34) and Jessica Simpson Collection jeans ($49).

3: Page 128: Those absolutely glorious red shoes are Jessica Simpson collection suede “Evoni” heels ($89).

4: Page 131 is an ad which reads, “Introducing Jeanswear by Jessica Simpson.”

5: On page 132, the “Ruffles” page, you’ll find a ruffled faux-snakeskin satchel from the Jessica Simpson Collection ($88) alongside as a $248 jacket from White House Black Market and a snapshot from the Valentino runway.

5.5: Page 176 is the beginning of the two-page Jessica Simpson feature story, in which Jessica Simpson informs us that her favorite shoe sare $98 Napa “Dany” platform sandals from the Jessica Simpson Collection.

6: On page 178, Jessica Simpson says: “I like skinny jeans, but I wear them a big baggy and lower on my hips and roll them up at the bottom.” The jeans pictured are “Malibu Skinny” jeans from the Jessica Simpson Collection. ($49)

6.5: Pages 189 and 190 are an ad for Fancy Nights: A sensual Fragrance by Jessica Simpson.

7 & 8: In the issue’s Shoe Guide, on page 208, the $139 leather boots with an “extra-cool heel buckle” are “Inna” boots from the Jessica Simpson Collection, and on page 210, the $69 heels with “80s shape, electric color” are suede “Tamana” pumps from the Jessica Simpson collection.

Oddly enough, in a “Style That Pops” section, the “High Notes” list of female singers who have had a “major effect” on the lucky editors includes Björk, Rihanna, Janelle Monae, Karen O, and Gwen Stefani… But Jessica Simpson is not listed. Sad!

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