Lupita Nyong'o Just Admitted To Playing Too Much Final Fantasy 8


You know Lupita Nyong’o as your new glamour and fashion icon. But did you also know she also played Final Fantasy 8 relentlessly for hours as a teenager? And that she loved Full House and Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper almost as much as I did (NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE MARK CURRY AS MUCH AS ME. NO ONE,MARK.)

My favorite part of this is the admission that she rode the roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm and tried to do the Step by Step wave until the coaster started to plummet to the ground and she, like so many of us before her, screamed for fear her soul would be ripped from her body and stolen by an invisible sky giant of some sort. I may have embellished the specifics of that last part. Either way; love her, love this wonderful interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Good luck at Oscar time, indeed, Lupita!

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