Lust For Designer Heels Drives Woman To Get Unnecessary Foot-Slimming Operation


At age 20 Hannah Bailey got a painful,$8,000 foot operation paid for by Britain’s Ntaional Health Service because she was in excruciating pain — if you count the psychological trauma of not being able to fit into designer shoes as “pain,” which no sane person would.

The Daily Mail reports that Bailey, who is now 23, recently admitted that she lied to her doctor to get a free operation. Here’s how she describes her medical issue:

Because my feet were so wide, wearing heels gave me excruciating pain. When I wore trainers it was fine, but as soon as I put any pressure on the balls of my feet, the pain was too much.

Had she consulted with some lady friends, Bailey would have found that such is the nature of high heels. But rather than resigning herself to a flats-only shoe wardrobe, she told doctors that her “wide and ugly feet” bothered her even when she was wearing athletic shoes.

In 2008 she underwent an operation on her right foot in which surgeons broke her foot in four places, cut her tendons and ligaments and stapled two inch screws into her bones. Obviously, this led to a tremendous amount of actual pain, and her foot remained swollen for two years. However, the charming young lass says this is the price one must pay to wear ridiculously expensive footwear that most people probably don’t even notice her wearing. She declares, “I don’t feel guilty about getting my feet done on the NHS. My foot still hurts every now and then, I get shooting pains and sometimes swelling, but it’s been worth it. Now, I’m happy with my feet and I only wear designer shoes.” Thanks for sharing, Bailey. Now every time I question my decision to give up heels forever due to unsexy bunion-related pain, I’ll remember that cute shoes are not worth breaking your foot over.

Teen Lied To Qualify For £5,000 Foot Operation On NHS Just To Squeeze Into Jimmy Choos [The Daily Mail]

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