Mad Men Costume Designer's QVC Collection Is A Mixed Bag At Best


We were thrilled when we heard Janie Bryant, Mad Men‘s costume designer, was doing a vintage-inspired line. But looking at the available pieces on QVC, our dreams of retro office-dresses, pen necklaces and sleek suits were dashed!

Faux fur plays a prominent role in the collection up so far. I guess this tippet would add a little glam flair…well, depending on how lush it looks in real life.

I love the idea of this Russian-style pillbox, but this would be a serious mail-order gamble: if the fit’s wrong, it could look seriously ridiculous.

When faux looks crummy, it looks really crummy, so we’d really need to see this capelet in the flesh? Fiber?

Frankly, this cardigan looks better without its detachable collar, but for $83.25, it’s still pretty steep.

Like the hat, this is cool in conception…but a tricky gamble!

I know leopard’s a new classic and all, but am I the only one who thinks this looks kinda chintzy? I don’t see any of the Mad Women being caught dead with it.

The outerwear are the stars by a long shot. This faux-mink actually looks rich and vintagey — plus would be as cute with jeans and heels as a wiggle dress.

And this coat — also available in black — is pure Joan.

Also cute: this statement brooch. But you could find something similar on eBay for a lot less than $72.50.

Again, these we’d want to see in the flesh: if the “garnets” look too chintzy, this would be eye-catching in the wrong way.

Drop earrings are instant glam — and digging the boho vibe of these — but the shiny gold could put the “costume” in costume jewelry.

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