Make Your Trackpad Look Like a Vulva for the Holidays, and Beyond


NSFW. Like, really, do not bring this to work. (Unless you work where I work and then all bets are off, my friends. All bets are off and all vulvas are ON.)

DoubleClit Here is a decal that makes it look like you’re fingering a vagina every time you use your trackpad. Sexy! (???)

According to The Daily Dot, it was created by Brooklyn feminist designer Eliza Dunaway, who says “We are too often taught to feel grossed out by the sight of a body part that is beautiful and important just as it is. DoubleClit Here seeks to break this stigma by presenting the vagina in a new, hilariously interactive, OMG-inducing way.”

If you’re into OMG hilarious vulva decals, Dunaway needs some serious fundraising help to reach her $4, 500 goal (climax?) (peak?) by December 30. Go on and get yours.

UPDATE: DoubleClit Here is now DoubleClit Here!

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