Male Actors Photoshopped Onto Bodies Of Russian Generals


Replaceface is a project by UK-based artist Steve Payne in which he photoshops current faces from our time onto the bodies of Russian war generals in the 1800s. The bodies come from paintings of George Dawe in 1812, the subjects of which successfully fought Napoleon in the Patriotic War of 1812.

So what’s the reasoning behind the kind-of-ridiculous mashup of celebrities, soldiers and different time periods? Payne explains,

One thing I’ve always wanted to try (I have a list) is to incorporate someone into a painting, mimicking the painterly brush strokes and making everything fit and work nicely and look natural and stuff. There’s an art to head swapping, I’ve seen so many awful attempts. The most important things to consider are anatomy, perspective and lighting. If you can get those things right, you’re more than halfway there.

We just have one qualm with this visual treat: where the ladies at?

All images © 2010 Steve Payne, adapted from original work by George Dawe 1823-1825.

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