Malia Obama Is Your Next Fashion Icon


Malia Obama is blossoming into a fashion leader and not just because of that Pro Era t-shirt. The newest New York City It Girl is showing off her own style and it’s rubbing off on her fans.

After the fashion press combed every inch of First Lady Michelle Obama’s black and red Narciso Rodriguez ensemble in 2008, publications like the Washington Post lightly turned their attention to Malia’s red $110 Biscotti frock. After debuting the look at her father’s election night celebration, the dress sold out and the Oakland-based designer Bernadette Reiss was celebrated in local press like the Oakland Tribune.

“It was a heart-stopping moment,” says Reiss. “I looked at my husband and said, ‘Bob, I think that’s our dress!’”
For Kerin Lou and Jennifer Duetting, who actually designed the “Malia,” it was a pleasant surprise. “The next morning was pretty exciting,” recalls Lou, over the roar of BART, which runs alongside her warehouse studio. “Everyone was calling and trying to get the dress.”

Seven years later, Malia is old enough to make her own sartorial choices and as an intern on HBO’s Girls this summer in the media-centric city of New York, that doesn’t go unnoticed. From the New York Times:

In June, when disembarking Air Force One on an official trip to London, Malia stepped out in an Alice and Olivia blue with sunflower print shift dress ($440) paired with Mary Janes. Stacey Bendet, founder of Alice and Olivia, noted that the dress nearly sold out after Malia’s appearance… Malia is still “a blossoming influencer,” Ms. Bendet added, albeit already an “elegant one.” described Malia’s choices as “simple, polished and pretty ensembles.” And while it remains to be seen how the nearly college-age Obama daughter’s style will evolve, one thing’s clear:

“Unlike her contemporary Kylie Jenner, who opts for more high-fashion pieces, Malia dresses very much for her age,” Ms. Pieri said.

All tea, all shade.

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Image via AP.

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