Man Attempting to Set Up White Supremacist City Has African Heritage


Craig Paul Cobb — a terrifying and delusional neo-Nazi whom some of you may know from his despicable attempt to set up a white supremacist city in North Dakota — recently went on The Trisha Show in order to spew some bigot-speech on the telly. Once there, he was greeted with a little surprise: according to a DNA Diagnostics test that he took before going on air, he is 14 percent Sub-Saharan African by descent. I will let the delighted hooting and jeering of the show’s hosts and the crowd speak for me on this matter.

“This is called statistical noise,” said Cobb, with the panicked look of someone whose tenuous grasp on a malignant, bigoted worldview was threatening to slip. “I’ll tell you this: oil and water don’t mix,” he added, making absolutely no sense at all. While oil and water do not mix, DNA and DNA do. That’s the basic mechanism behind sexual reproduction. Sorry that your terrible metaphor doesn’t change science, bro.

“You have a little black in you,” insisted host Trisha Goddard. Cobb continued to look like an panicked skeleton in a discount Halloween wig. Later, he said to The Daily Mail, “I agreed to the test because I assumed it was science,” not the product of “craven and debased executives [whose] goal is to shock.”

As someone who is a self-proclaimed “border guard for pure breeds,” the news must come as a bit of an unpleasant surprise to Cobb. Moral of the story: when you traffic in nonsense, hateful racist logic, you will be made to look like an utter fool at every available opportunity, because you are wrong about literally everything. But, hey — maybe the cognitive dissonance between Mr. Cobb’s insistence that he is not part African-American and the scientific data that proves he has African ancestors will cause him to realize that his vitriolic conception of race is a construct with no basis in reality? Ha ha, just kidding. There is no hope for him.

“Talk show host delivers DNA test results to white supremacist town founder: ‘You have a little black in you'” [Raw Story]

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