Man Goes on Gross Kissing Spree in Walgreens, Licks Employee's Head


A man in Omaha, Nebraska is facing charges after making his way through a Walgreens forcing unsolicited physical contact onto patrons and workers, including licking an employee’s head.

Licking an employee’s head.” DO. NOT. WANT.


Police say a 35-year-old man kissed and groped women and a man inside a Walgreens store on April 23. The man first went to the photo processing area, then moved on and kissed an employee, according to a police report. In aisle nine, he grabbed a customer’s buttocks before approaching another woman, grabbing her face, saying, “Hey baby,” kissing her and squeezing her bottom. The woman pushed him away. He continued to make his way through the store at 72nd Street and Crown Point Avenue, tossing items as he went. At one point, he struggled to open a package, put it down and tried to kiss yet another woman. The man later jumped over a counter. A male employee stepped in his way, and the man tried to plant a smooch on his face.

Employees escorted him from the store, but as left he licked an employee’s head. VOMIT.

He came back a few minutes later, climbed on top of a counter, sat down and refused to leave. Police were called and he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor sexual assault and three counts of disturbing the peace.

Image via Getty.

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