Marc Jacobs: What If Joan Jett and Margot Tenenbaum Did Drugs All Night and Then Stumbled Out Half-Dressed?


So many thoughts about yesterday’s Marc Jacobs show. Like the Marc By Marc Jacobs line, the fall 2013 Marc Jacobs collection looks back at the 1970s. But instead of buttoned-up Lily Tomlin secretary dresses, the styling you’ll see here has a punk edge: The models wore Joan Jett-ish wigs and hit the runway looking like they’d just rolled out of bed: Sweaters and pajama tops worn with pants; hotpants worn without tops. A lot of the fabrics are very unforgiving, a lot of the models look like they were partying and then the drugs ran out. There are waitressy dresses and leather gloves and sequins, as though Pat Benetar starred in Velvet Goldmine. Or Nancy Spungen worked at the all-night diner to make heroin money. Fur stoles and sweaters are back-of-the-vintage-store chic; boxy mink coats have a Margot Tenenbaum vibe. The shimmery evening gowns were a bright spot in a slightly depressing drab-glam show. That said, some of this stuff would look fantastic on Solange. But she is literally the only person I can think of who could successfully rock these pajama hot pants on the red carpet.

Image via Getty.

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