March Madness: Come as You Are — a Brain, an Athlete, a Basket Case, a Princess or a Criminal


Whoa. WHOA. Did that really just happen?! Did Gameboy really beat out East Coast vs. West Coast Rap by less than 100 votes?! Important question for all you conspiracy theorists out there — did East Coast vs. West Coast Rap really lose or did it just fake its own death and is now chilling out on some remote island somewhere? Can we expect to see it come back in hologram any time soon?

Over on the 80s side of the bracket, cocaine took out Lisa Frank with 59.86% of the vote, so at least danger is triumphing over childhood innocence somewhere in this competition.

Today in the 80s stadium, the Brat Pack goes up against MTV. Who knows who will win, but we have it on good authority that the Brat Pack sewed its own prom dress for the occasion and looks ravishing. Speaking of looks, I think we can all agree that one of these things has aged much more gracefully than the other.

Travelling on over to 90s town (give me a break, you guys — I’ve written a lot of these), we’ve got the musical showdown of all musical showdowns as Grunge goes against the Spice Girls (i.e. the polar opposite of grunge). Oy vey — no matter what the outcome, this category is bound to create a whole mess of unhappy campers, which for the Grunge kids won’t be too much of a difference from how they normally feel.

You have 24 hours before polls close.

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