Mariah Didn't Realize She Does That Thing With Her Hand When She Sings


Last night, during Mariah’s interview on Watch What Happens Live, the audience was told to drink every time a little gif of her singing and doing her twinkle fingers popped up on screen. The Queen of Christmas then explained that she didn’t even know that she did that when she sang. She also managed to incorporate shade into that anecdote, directly mostly at Nicky Minaj.

She showed up with a hand fan and a mini electric fan for perpetual wind in her hair.

Mimi was very candid for the pre-taped interview. (Please, dahling, we all know that it wasn’t live because this time of year is when she does Aspen in a bikini.) She even talked about Glitter, a topic that was previously off limits, saying she can now appreciate its campy-ness—mostly using multisyllabic words.

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