Marilyn Manson Plays Native American Hitman in Let Me Make You a Martyr


Somehow, some way, our goth uncle Marilyn Manson is portraying a Native American hitman-for-hire in an upcoming independent thriller called Let Me Make You A Martyr.

The film, about—of course—two adopted siblings who fall in love and plan to kill their father, reunites Manson with Mark Boone Junior, who became friends after working together on Sons of Anarchy, according to Rolling Stone. Boone plays the abusive father in question, who ends up hiring Manson’s character to kill his adopted son.

Native Americans spoke out on Twitter against the casting choice, saying that the character should have been played by someone of actual Native American background, reports People. But Manson claims he is—sort of. “I am part Indian,” he said. Indian. Manson also said that when took the role, he wasn’t aware of his character’s background and that the script didn’t mention it, at first.

From Rolling Stone:

Manson’s heritage is Sioux on his mother’s side – “her family was from the Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia” – but other than taking part in a Native American–run program akin to Boy Scouts, that side of his family was not heavy on his upbringing. “They gave me one of those wooden, carved tom-tom drums and it was bound with animal hide and it was painted,” he says of his sole memory of the experience. “I just remember I ended up stealing the drum and never going back.” He laughs.

The film is also currently raising funds for post-production costs on Kickstarter.

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