Martha Stewart Creates New Catchphrase For Multitaskers: 'I Woman It'


Last year, golden goddess Martha Stewart outlined her very extensive, very expensive beauty routine for the New York Times. But now she’s done the same thing for Into the Gloss, and in the process is popularizing a stunning new thing you can say whenever you’re living your bad ass life like the goddamn woman you are.

Martha’s beauty regimen is more or less the same as last year: she now uses some Tom Ford products, rocks a seven-year-old eyeliner, industriously notes that “any Maybelline mascara is good” and describes Mario Badescu’s facial spray as her favorite, though she’ll “use whatever mist I have around.” She’s still wisely spending the bulk of her budget on skin care, and it’s working (well, that and a little “beautifully” done plastic surgery is working. She refers to her dermatologist as an “artist-doctor” and suggests you find one of your own).

No, the real reveal here is how goddamn hard she works. (Jk, that was not a reveal.) “I get up early—this morning I was up at 3:30am,” says Martha, who is expanding her business. Also, gardening season is about to start!

So there’s that, and gardening season is just about to start, so I’ve been ordering all of my plants and seeds and getting ready to plant three gardens in Bedford and East Hampton, New York, and Maine. Even with everything else going on, I still like to take care of those. I manage it all—I woman it!

Emphasis mine because, I womaned it today.

Image via Christopher Polk/Getty

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