Matt Weiner Is Peggy, And Other Mad Men Tidbits To Tide You Over


We’ll be deprived of Mad Men til the beginning of next year, but in the meantime, crumbs are falling from the plates of Matthew Weiner and Jon Hamm. They commented on the epic episode “The Suitcase” for The Daily Beast, which included several moments of truth between Don and Peggy.

Weiner says of one scene where Peggy confronts Don for, she believes, ripping off her work, “I’ve been Peggy and I’ve been Don in the work relationship. I worked for [Sopranos creator] David Chase for four and a half years. I’ve been mostly Peggy in my career….I’ve had more people tell me that that’s what they got out of the episode, besides how much they love these characters, was that it really was the first time that they’d ever seen that expression about work on TV or in a movie.” No wonder Peggy is such a well-developed character — and though Don’s womanizing, whiskey-swilling ways get a lot of attention, arguably the actual protagonist of the show.

Mad Men Up Close [The Daily Beast]

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