Matthew Weiner Identifies With Peggy, Wants Don's Car


The New York Times Magazine offered a peek into Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner’s L.A. home, which unsurprisingly has a retro feel (though it’s more ’30s than ’60s and there isn’t a fainting couch in sight). But of course, some bits of the show have seeped into his real life. Weiner is a fan of whiskey, and like many fans, has a Don Draper fantasy. He says:

I would love to drive his 1962 Cadillac, which is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. And he does a lot of things I wish I could do. But because I write about the consequences of those things, I really don’t fantasize about being him. I’ll say that there is a lot of Don in me, and all of the emotional issues in my life are in the show.

Yet, when asked what fictional character he most identifies with, Weiner said, “Peggy Olson from the show. You know what . . . that’s not true. I’d say Holden Caulfield.”

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