Maybe Tabloids Shouldn't Describe Christine Quinn's Body as 'Insane' After an Emergency C-Section

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Maybe Tabloids Shouldn't Describe Christine Quinn's Body as 'Insane' After an Emergency C-Section
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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn is in the news because she is always in the news and also she is promoting the fourth season of her hit Netflix show, mere weeks after having an emergency c-section. Her kid, Christian, arrived just fine, and it seems like there were no major complications for Quinn. So imagine my shock when, in an interview about her post-pregnancy feelings, and accepting the changes her body went through, Us Weekly described said body as “insane.”

I’m in the mood to fight, so here’s the headline: “Christine Quinn Shows Off Insane Postpartum Body, Says She Isn’t Putting ‘Pressure’ on Herself.

The post in question is responding to a series of photos Quinn shared this week, which showed her in a little mini-dress looking happy and healthy:

In an interview with the outlet, she talked about the c-section:

“Whatever my body went through and what women deal with when they have babies is really crazy. I think your body will never really be the same. My body and my hormones will never be the same, but that’s something I really embraced and I’m kind of rolling with it.”

Us Weekly added:

The Texas native, who was still “swollen” from her surgery, noted that she recently wore a swimsuit anyway. “I was just like, ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I might look ridiculous and swollen, but I don’t care. I had a baby,’” the new mom recalled. “That’s powerful enough!”

Her comments read as both affirming and healthy, considering the undue pressure put on recently pregnant people to “bounce back” and completely remove any physical trace of pregnancy from their bodies. Which is why I find it so strange—strange enough for a tabloid, at least—for Us Weekly to then immediately describe her figure as “insane.”

Just don’t do this! I don’t care if you’re a random Instagram commenter or a tabloid columnist. It’s literally weirdo behavior. Best of luck to Quinn, though.

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