Meet Bob Ducca, The Men's Rights Activist You Can't Help But Love


Among the best parts of Kroll Show‘s excellent second season is the inclusion of Bob Ducca, the perpetually unlucky men’s right’s activist who seems to live mostly out of his car and loves crossword puzzles about as much as he hates the oppressive matriarchal nature of our society.

Ducca — the creation of comedian Seth Morris — first became popular as a staple on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang, where he appears regularly as host Scott Aukerman’s ex stepfather, a man who remains in his stepson’s life in order to dole out unhelpful advice and complain about his various health issues. (Among his most exciting ailments: Advanced moist shin disorder, selective albinism, hyper-tolerant to lactose, suffers from scrotal migraines.) He also has his own podcast, Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca.

On last night’s Kroll Show, Ducca made an appearance on the fake talking head show Can I Finish? (alongside the ever delightful Jenny Slate and Ron Funches!) to weigh in on the innocence of Nick Kroll’s Dr. Armond, the animal plastic surgeon/reality star who’s recently found himself on trial for the murder of his lovely wife Shannon.

“Nobody’s been speaking about women who murdered men,” Ducca defended. “Lizzie Borden. We find it okay for — to make children’s rhymes out of the exploits of female murderers, but nobody at a slumber party invokes John Wayne Gacy.”

He was not allowed to finish.

Thankfully, the spirit of his sentiment will continue to live and thrive on real-life MRA message boards everywhere.

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