Michaela Watkins, Will You Be My Trophy Wife?


Hand model, Barbara Walters, and now co-starring on ABC’s hilarious Trophy Wife Michaela Waktins, what can’t you do?

Every once in awhile a performance comes to our TVs that is so captivating that we, as a TV watching nation, must sit up and RECOGNIZE (all caps). Think Megan Mullally on Will and Grace, Jackée on 227, and Rhea Perlman on Cheers. Star making turns that introduced us to once in a generation super-talents. Well, not to get you too excited but fuck it, I’m gonna go there: Michaela Watkins is giving us that right now on Trophy Wife. It’s a great show even without Watkins’ delightfully nutso Jackie Fisher — the 2nd wife and mom to the also exceptionally delightful Bert — but she just takes everything up a notch. I can’t turn away! And, believe me, I don’t want to!

Listen, I know your TV viewing schedule is full. You’ve got 10,000 programs to watch and only 5 hours to watch them and your TV time is sacred. I get it. I am watching a Bob’s Burgers while I write this just because I NEED TO GET IT IN. But if you can spare some time to mainline the first seven episodes (currently on Hulu), then you’re in for a treat.

I hope I haven’t oversold it, but I’m just so into her. And the show. And I want it to not be cancelled and be replaced by something called BRO DADS (two self-involved junior accountants who learn a lesson or two about what’s important in life when one of their sisters dies and leaves them five kids to raise!) so please. Give it a try? Please. Don’t drive me to drink.

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