Mila Kunis Joins the Ranks of Our Imaginary Besties After Giving This Awesome Interview


Mila Kunis has always come off as pretty cool and low key — she wears sweatpants in public, always seems up for a laugh and no one has ever complained about working with her — and yet, for some reason, I’m always surprised with just how likable she is when she’s talking out of character. Case in point, Kunis was recently giving interviews in the UK to promote her new movie Oz, the Great and Powerful when she encountered a novice reporter who was so nervous that he could barely proceed with the interview. Rather than carry on as planned, Mila instead decided to make him relax by instead talking about his friends, his favorite drinks and what it would be like if she accompanied him to a football match. Of course, he then took the opportunity to ask her to wedding (was he nervous or fake nervous?), but even this she shot down confidently and in good humor.

Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Solange: I’m afraid that you all need to move down a seat because our Imaginary BFF Circle just got one new member.

Mila Kunis Gives Incredible Interview To Novice Reporter [Business Insider]

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