Miley Cyrus Is 'Fine' with Parents' Split but Worried About Her Sister

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There’s something so uniquely sad about the parents of adult children getting divorced. I know it’s not more sad or less sad than parents of little kids splitting up—life isn’t a sad contest—but transitioning into independence is hard enough without having the foundation you’re leaving behind fall apart too. Miley Cyrus says she’s fine, though.

When asked how she’s doing in the wake of the divorce news, Shelly says Cyrus, 20, said, “Oh, I’m fine. I’m okay.”
Shelly says she also said her parents’ divorce after 19 years of marriage won’t be that noticeable for the singer because of her busy travel schedule.

“I’m much more concerned for my sister [Noah]. She’s 13,” Cyrus said, according to Shelly, whose real name is Michelle Menaker.

On Friday Noah Tweeted, “Please pray for me and my family.”

I genuinely just did frowny-face for 10 full minutes. Sad stuff is sad whether people are rich and famous or not. 🙁 [People]

Amelia‘s 8-year-old son has been calling Darren Criss “my boyfriend” since he was 6. On Criss’s recent tour, he finally got to meet him. You should read the whole thing.

Eventually, the time did pass, and we were brought up to meet him. My kiddo was so nervous and anxious that he was practically jumping out of his skin. And then he was there, and my son met his first love. It was adorable. Darren Criss was charming and lovely, and my son was so shy but happy. As for their conversation, that’s not really mine to share. Maybe someday, when my kid is older, he’ll write about it, but until then, it remains as it should be: between him and Darren.
When it was my turn to talk, I found my normally sure-spoken self decidedly absent. What could I say to this young man who meant so much to my kid, this young man who, by playing a television character, had helped lead my son to tell me about his orientation and, by extension, helped change the trajectory of my own life toward activism? “Thank you” felt so insufficient, but it was all I had.

No, sure, no problem. I didn’t need my eyeballs or face tonight. [HuffPo]

Modern Family writer Danny Zuker ripping airhorn-with-a-wig-on-it Donald Trump to shreds on Twitter is the most cathartic shit I’ve seen all year.

Read the whole thing if you like things that are awesome to read. [NextImpulse]

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