Missing Dog Found 740 Miles From Home


Standing15 inches tall and weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds, a Patterdale terrier named Bear is hardly capable of journeying more than 700 miles in two days without help, but that’s just what he did earlier this week. The pup disappeared from his owner’s Sacramento, California construction business and was found wandering the streets in Tacoma, Washington 48 hours later, collarless and confused. A local humane society was able to identify his owners by a microchip and the animal and his human companions have since been reunited. His owners think that the dog was stolen and driven to Tacoma, but I maintain that Bear found a wormhole that mysteriously connects the two towns. There’s some canine David Lynch shit going on on the West Coast.

(Important note: The pup pictured is, unfortunately, not Bear; this little Airdale is involved in an Unsolved Mysteries-style reenactment of the travails of Bear. Bear never travels with luggage.)

Dog Reunited With Family After 700 Mile Journey [Newser]

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