Monkey Wins Best-Dressed At The Hangover II Premiere


Aside from unfortunately patterned fabrics, the fashions weren’t too bad at last night’s premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. However, everyone on the red carpet was upstaged by a monkey.

The stars of the film all proved to clean up nicely, with Bradley Cooper in a sharkskin suit and Zach Galifianakis wearing an entire outfit that isn’t too tight. There’s very little distinction between the preppy look of Ed Helms and his Office character Andy Bernard.

Normally I find those cankle-type shoes to be atrocious, but for some reason they seem to work on Maria Menounos when paired with pants that can’t decide whether they’re fitted or slouchy.

Dressy skirts with pockets are the best. I think we can all agree on this point.

Kristen Bell looked darling and femme-y, while Robert Downey Jr. and his wife went well together—unlike the top and bottom portions of Ken Jeong’s outfit. Jeans with a blazer was edgy back in the early ’90s, but now it’s such a standard look that it’s hard for a guy to fuck it up. And yet! I think Jeong went wrong with choosing sneakers that were too…I don’t know…athletic?

Jamie Chung—a Real World: San Diego alum—has actually made a legitmate career for herself in Hollywood, which is rare for most reality stars. From a distance and from the front, she looks perfectly darling, until you zoom in and realize that the side panels of her dress are just threadbare chain mail, featuring some serious side boob.

The purple streaks in Jordin Sparks’ hair are easily confused with a bra strap. But I like seeing her on the red carpet because it’s fun to pretend that her various stupid rings are her purity rings.

I know that nice maternity dresses are few and far between, so I empathize with Alyssa Milano a little bit. However, they have plenty of clothes at Pea in the Pod that don’t look like an optical illusion puzzle at The Franklin Institute.

Jay Manuel can always be counted on to wear more makeup than any other woman around him.

Initially, I thought Mike Tyson — who’s looking crisp in a Miami sort of way — was holding a flower, but I think it’s actually Jay Manuel’s makeup bag.

And then there is Crystal the monkey. Talk about personality plus. And I’m glad that she went with a sweet pink dress and pearls and remembered to wear her pantaloons, unlike some other animals (Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan) in L.A.

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