More Covid Relief Please

More Covid Relief Please
Photo:Al Drago (Getty Images)

I feel like a broken record saying this yet again, but the coronavirus pandemic is only getting worse. As of Sunday evening, the United States has officially counted more than 11 million covid-19 cases, NBC News reports. Over 150,000 new cases were announced on Sunday alone, which marks the 11th consecutive day in which the country has seen more than 100,000 new covid infections in a single day.

Nearly a quarter-million people have died of covid since the pandemic began, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention clocking 244,810 total covid-related deaths in the U.S. as of noon today. Over 60,000 Americans are currently hospitalized, according to NBC News, and the rate of hospitalization is also on the rise. With more than a dozen states breaking previously held records for new cases, from Colorado to New Hampshire, state and local governments are reversing reopening measures and imposing new restrictions in the hopes of curbing viral transmission, per NBC News.

In the face of such horrors, compounded by further economic damages to come, you’d hope that Congress would be focused on passing another covid relief bill, or at least finally sending us each that second $1,200 installment that’s been floated for the past few months. Everyone from Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump has recently said that some kind of relief is urgently needed, CNET reports, but the question remains as to when we can hope to receive it.

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