More Details On Tiger Eyes


Some new info regarding Tiger Eyes, the upcoming feature film based on the Christine O’Donnell-friendly novel by Judy Blume: Blume’s son Lawrence, who co-wrote the screenplay with mum, will direct. And did you know this is Judy’s first big-screen movie?

Kind of hard to believe, especially given her influential role in the lives of millions of American women under 50. (Several other books, including Fudge, have been recreated for television.) God is finally listening to Margaret, and giving her a reason to hit the cinemaplex.

Oh, and what’s this about Christine O’Donnell? Well, Blume reportedly cut from her novel a masturbation scene involving the teenage protagonist, Davis “Davey Wexler,” in order to make it more suitable to young readers (such as O’Donnell, who is only 15 years old herself). Nevertheless, the book still regularly appears on the American Library Association’s annual banned and challenged books list, because we live in Purity Canyon.

Judy Blume Adapting ‘Tiger Eyes’ [THR]

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