Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski Angered by LiLo's Freedom


The woman who tried to set a news brief about Paris Hilton on fire is once again infuriated that her co-hosts would have the audacity to relay news about popular culture.

Mika may not even be on camera the first time the crew runs the segment, but by God she will have you know that LiLo’s freedom is not grounds for coverage on this show and that there are far more important things happening in America. For those of you unfamiliar with Morning Joe, Mika is the lady who yells “Stop it,” and demands the show move onto Michelle Obama’s Op-Ed in the clip below.

But the teasing won’t stop there. Mika was, unfortunately for her, filming from Los Angeles today and the news became not only that much more relevant, but also that much more personal. Take note Mika’s sighs and how Joe keeps his pen out of her reach.

If she inspired the words, “Why is she such a journalist?” it stands to reason that she would be willing to put her foot down on the LiLo issue. Perhaps the only surprising aspect here is the amount of restraint she’s summoned today. No fire, no torn paper, just brazen and unabashed disgust.

So here’s to you Mika Brzezinski, for maintaining your personal integrity in the face of a News You Can’t Use segment laced with all the trimmings of popular culture you hate that will steamroll onward whether your co-hosts and producers listen to you or not. Stay strong and sigh deeply, for even the news that you can use will someday soon—just as LiLo’s prison cell—be pushed to the back burner.

Regardless, may you stay lovely, may your show’s soundtrack continue to rock, and may the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows.

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