Nail Art Isn't Dead, You Just Own Every Shade Imaginable


The astronomical increases in nail polish consumption (no, not eating it) have been unprecedented in the last 4 years. In 2011, the industry reported a 67% growth, with a 42% increase in 2012. And though sales have grown by 19% so far in 2013, everyone is eager to put the nail in nail art’s coffin. NYMag reports that Jin Soon Choi, an editorial manicurist, felt “tired of all the gimmicks,” and multiple designers are embracing a more minimalist, nude color-schemes for their lacquer.

Nay, I say. Nail art is not dead. The comparative slow-down in sales has been matched by beauty companies and drug stores creating more space for nail polish displays, along with a slew of sometimes bizarre twist on the old red glossy paint, like velvet nails and magnetic nail polish. But the main reason, at least in my personal experience, that nail polish sales are slowing down is because I OWN EVERY SHADE OF BLUE THERE EVER WAS. When inhaling the noxious fumes of nail polish became the craze two years ago, people were ravaging the Essie station at Walgreen’s like hungry hyenas. I remember two girls fighting over the last bottle of “naughty nautical” like it was the last Furbie on Christmas Eve. Now we all own a shade of mint or two, so the frantic need to get this summer’s hottest color has subsided, at least in part.

And when you own all that nail polish, there’s only one thing you can do: paint all sorts of weird shit on your talons and post it on Pinterest. Viva la nail art.

[Nail Art Is (Finally?) Dead]

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