Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz Should Get Married


Nancy Grace is a conservative, murder-obsessed maniac whose most prominent claim to fame is being the person who made all our moms (or maybe just mine, dunno) obsessed with the Jody Arias trial. 2 Chainz, the rapper formerly known to us and currently known to his family as Tity Boi, is most famous for requesting large buttocks’ed women as a b-day gift. And as this clip of them arguing about weed legalization shows, they are the most perfect match. Please betroth them immediately.

When Chainz appeared on Grace’s show Tuesday night, it was not to fall in love—at first. They were ostensibly matched up to argue about the potential legalization of weed, which Grace is vehemently against, and Chainz is vehemently for. There was a hashtag—#Pot2Blame?—like when people get married on Instagram. (#TityBoiMarriesNancy) And before too long, they were arguing like an old married couple. The room was electric. The tension was taut. Nancy Grace very angrily argued that pot should be illegal because one single crazy dude was caught on video trying to give his two-year-old a bowl, fucking it up for everyone. 2 Chainz calmly explained that said crazy dude was an outlier and an “imbecile” who clearly does not love his child. Then Nancy quoted one of his tweets: “tru.” Chainz giggled like a schoolgirl. They are so clearly in love it’s ridiculous.

Could this work out? Currently 2 Chainz is linked with a longtime partner named Kesha, with whom he has a baby daughter. Nancy Grace is married to a man named David Linch, father of her twin children, but it’s only a matter of time before she figures out he is NOT the director of her no-doubt fave movie Mulholland Drive and he’s just an investment banker from Atlanta. And hey, Chainz and Grace are both from Atlanta, good Georgia people, so they can bond on that, even though they have different upbringings—Chainz, for instance, had to explain to Nancy that in his community, pawn shops are forever entwined with crack cocaine, which Chainz does not do. He does smoke weed though, which Nancy might have a problem with, and Nancy does not have the physique that Chainz often has said he prefers, though she has an okay sense of rhythm. But love conquers all. Let’s make this happen.


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