New Walgreens App Helps Ladies Manage Their Periods and Whore Pills


Welcome to the Internet of Your Ovaries—it’s like the Internet of Things but with birth control. Walgreens pharmacy has partnered with a company called Glow to refill your birth control from your smart phone and yes, the robots are coming for us—with tampons, hopefully.

According to Glow, a data science company that’s really into women’s reproductive health, the group has focused their smarts on algorithms that track periods and remind you to refill your BC prescription. With Walgreen’s capabilities integrated into the Glow app, your phone can now tell you when your period will begin, when your fertility window opens and then offer to refill your birth control with the touch of a button or by scanning your prescription’s bar code.

As a woman who really hates refilling her birth control prescription by talking aloud to pharmacists on the phone, this app is a great new way to be lazy and productive simultaneously.

Image via Walgreens.

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