​Nicki Minaj's Lyric Video for "Only" Does Look Pretty Nazi-ish


First and foremost, fuck lyric videos. They’re useless, and they only serve to really drive home just how dumb some of the lyrics in songs today are. That, and they’re a cheap marketing ploy and should simply be left to enthusiastic, possibly professional YouTubers who make their own lyric videos for songs set to slash vid footage of anime shows.

But nope. Lyric videos are officially a pre-requisite for actual music videos, and it’s the worst. Nicki Minaj’s lyric video for the song “Only” featuring Chris Brown, Drake, and Lil Wayne is no different. Except for the Nazi imagery part.

Yep, from the color scheme itself, to the large red tapestries bearing a simplistic Young Money symbol to the red arm bands worn by the soldiers in Minaj’s army, the lyric video is obviously visually inspired by Nazi imagery, which is both insulting and honestly a tiring source of inspiration. (I mean, at least Fairly Oddparents did a better job of the Nazi dictatorship reference.) Naturally, people on the internet are freaking out.

It’s one thing for Minaj and her crew to assert themselves as the most elite members of society: Nicki Minaj as a (presumably fascist) dictator, Chris Brown as a military leader, Drake as the pope, and Lil Wayne as some kind of CEO. But this is just lazy. I’m usually #TeamNicki, but this video is basically one giant tug of war between dumb and offensive.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but let’s just leave this whole ordeal at the lyric video. Because if things continue in this vein, I’d much rather watch this than whatever bullshit is about to be featured in the actual music video.

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