No Thank You!

No Thank You!
Image:Alex Wong (Getty Images)

As pleasurable as it is to think about the entire Trump family exiting the White House and burying themselves deep underground for the next two decades like locusts, we’re probably not going to be so lucky.

In addition to the terrifying specter of the husk of Donald Trump returning to the campaign trail in 2024, his daughter Ivanka is also harboring political ambitions, the Washington Post reports.

“Former friends, colleagues and associates of the couple believe wherever they live, the first daughter will be contemplating how to maximize her political capital – whether that means an actual run for office, or a gauzier influence in Republican circles in a world where President Donald Trump still holds enormous political sway.”

Republicans don’t seem to hold her former life as a liberal New Yorker against her since she’s embraced her father’s deranged agenda: A McLaughlin & Associates-Newsmax poll showed her at four percentage points among likely 2024 general election voters, though that does put her behind Vice President Pence, Donald Trump Jr., Sen. Ted Cruz, former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and Sen. Mitt Romney.

Distancing herself from her father’s “baggage” might prove difficult, some close to the Trumps reasoned, but truthfully, Trump’s despicable ideals in a shinier package might hold disturbing appeal for many Americans:

“Everyone is saying that she’s running for office, and that’s the ultimate compliment for her,” said a person who runs in the couple’s New York social circle. “Her recent stance as pro-life was making her ambitions very clear that she is laying the groundwork” for a political future in Republican politics, the person said.

Another person close to Ivanka and her mannequin husband, Jared, called Ivanka the “perfect bridge to conservative women,” adding that eventually people will come to the conclusion that “she was not bad.” Disagree!

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