Not That Innocent: GQ Video, Andrew Young Cast Doubt On Hunter's Story


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A video of Rielle Hunter’s GQ photo shoot casts major doubt on her claims that she didn’t know the pictures would be sexy — and Andrew Young is busily trying to discredit her other assertions.

The video below shows Hunter sitting calmly in front of a fan, pantsless, with her shirt pinned back behind her. Photographer Mark Seliger adjusts her leg, snaps photos, and, crucially, shows her the results on a laptop screen. Hunter reportedly told Barbara Walters that she thought “there might be one [picture] that showed her being sexy” in the whole photo shoot, but at least in the clip, she seems pretty involved in the process. And really, once that pants come off, isn’t it a safe bet that most of the photos will be at least a little suggestive? GQ reporter Lisa DePaulo, who conducted Hunter’s interview, said as much on Good Morning America: “Rielle is a smart woman. She knows what she wore and what she was doing in the photo shoot.”

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In an interview with Joy Behar last night, ex-staffer Andrew Young accused Hunter of lying about her first meeting with Edwards. He said her claims about the romance of their first meeting were off-base, since Edwards isn’t a romantic: “he takes his wife to Wendy’s for their anniversary.” He also cast doubt on the depth of their love by alleging that Hunter was dating Jeff Goldblum at the same time as Edward, and let Goldblum think Frances Quinn was his child (not, we should note, a new assertion). Perhaps the most telling part of the interview is when Behar suggests it was “kind of creepy” for Edwards to renew his vows with his wife when he knew Hunter was pregnant. Young smugly responds, “Kind of creepy?” Of course, Young himself may still be the subject of a perjury probe, and his publication of a tell-all book hardly seems like an exercise in selflessness. Really, no one comes off well here (except Behar, who got a big laugh for calling Edwards “a regular Lord Byron”). Hunter, of course, has literary connections, and she and Young bring to mind a line Maureen Dowd originally used to describe Kathryn Harrison’s memoir The Kiss: “creepy people talking about creepy people.”

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