Nothing Says 'Old Hollywood' Like Cold Cream and Ostrich Feathers 

In Depth


According to the accompanying caption, this is Joan Marsh, an actress with Paramount and MGM. If she’s the same blonde starlet as the Joan Marsh in this L.A. Times obituary, she worked first as a child star in the silent film era, appearing in several Mary Pickford movies include a 1920 adaption of Pollyanna. She later returned as an adult and appeared in a string of films from 1930 to 1944. “Weighing only 95 pounds, Marsh was said to have the smallest feet in Hollywood—wearing a size 2AAA, the smallest shoes in Paramount’s vast wardrobe department of the 1930s,” the Times adds.

She then retired and ran her own stationery store.

Image via Hulton Archive/Getty.

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