Now That Anna Wintour Is Single, Maybe She and Bill Nighy Can Be Together Forever

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Now That Anna Wintour Is Single, Maybe She and Bill Nighy Can Be Together Forever
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Breaking! News! Toot toot! Stop the presses! Anna Wintour and Shelby Bryan, some man she’s been spending time with for about 20 years or so, have ended their relationship. Oh, no! Poor Anna… poor Shelby. But great news for Bill Nighy, who must be absolutely elated, knowing full well that soon, he can go public with his (alleged, not at all confirmed) love for Ms. Vogue.

Here’s the boring bit, so we can get to the good: Anna and Shelby have been together for over 20 years, but they apparently hit a rough patch in 2013; Anna was displeased with the fact that Shelby, a “telecoms millionaire,” owed $1.3 million in back taxes to the IRS. Scandalous! The two have not been seen together in public for some time, Page Six thinks that Shelby might have run back into the arms of his ex-wife, blah blah, okay, no one cares about the minutiae of this old rich white man’s life. All you need to know about Shelby is that he’s out of the picture, which leaves a perfect opening for Bill Nighy, the British actor with the strong jaw pictured above!

I’m not saying these two famous British people should date because they’re both British and famous—I’m saying this because in February of this cursed year, the two were spotted eating dinner together, and per Page Six’s little bird, Anna was “beaming” and looked “happier than ever.” She even took her sunglasses off and “enjoyed a frothy coffee, all in the gentle presence of Bill Nighy. They two have been friends for a long time and now that both parties involved are single and ready to mingle, I think it might be nice for morale (for me, thanks) if the two just went public with their relationship, which, for some reason, thrills me to no end. I don’t know if Anna Wintour is ever really happy, because my suspicion is that the Chanel sunglasses hide a deep well of sadness and existential boredom, but if Bill Nighy can make Anna “beam,” then they might as well own up to their amour.

Have a little wedding, who cares? Go to St. Maarten and get hitched on the beach; the bride wore Prada and a smile and the groom, barefoot, wore linen. Doesn’t that sound nice? [Page Six]

This is a stretch, but okay: here’s Lindsay Buckingham doing the thing that they do on TikTok with the Ocean Spray Cranberry and the song “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Yes, I know that Lindsay Buckingham was in Fleetwood Mac, hence the “irony” or whatever of him joining the app specifically to upload this horse-riding, Western fantasia. It doesn’t matter. Whatever. Just watch it, if you want.

This lacks the freewheeling vibes of the original, but it’s nice that he’s on a horse. [People]

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