NYFW: Andrea Jiapei Li's Cool-Girl Utopian Army


Last season, Andrea Jiapei Li debuted the now-classic (in my heart) “cozy ghost” look during her spot on V-Files’ show, featuring the best rubbery oversized pullover sweatshirt tent. For Spring 2016, themed “Just Kids,” the New York designer sheared down the material and showed superhuman downtown droid chicas, equally inspiring and bubbling over with cool ideation.

The pieces were simple with a focus on textural fabrics and voluminous draping, but the details were what put them into Ex Machina territory: oversized eyelets, delicate fringe, fishnetting, all perfectly accessorized with boxfresh Air Force 1s.

The concept of a black rubber corset piece over a well-shaped snuggie is a great idea in contrasts, as are off-the-shoulder tennis whites with a chapeau made from a snorkeling mask. For the slightly less conceptual, there were wide-legged pants in blush, with fringe that swishes when you walk.

Fuck dresses over jeans; this is about dresses over dresses over trousers, and we’ll all be doing it in about three months (or yesterday).

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