Of Course ‘Free Thinker’ Jenna Jameson Thinks Vaccines Are Bad

Anti-vaxxers, Jameson wrote, are the victims of a complex, sexist conspiracy to silence women and parents.

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Of Course ‘Free Thinker’ Jenna Jameson Thinks Vaccines Are Bad
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If someone describes themselves as a “free thinker,” the thoughts they “think freely” are often terrible. Like Jenna Jameson! The adult film star-turned-conservative Twitter fixture and racist tweeted a “free thought” last night, right before gossip bloggers drearily trudged back from our Thanksgiving-induced fugue states. Anti-vaxxers, Jameson wrote, are the victims of a complex, sexist conspiracy to silence women and parents:

It’s not actually about the numerous accounts of completely treatable measles outbreaks associated with non-vaccinated children, according to Jameson’s logic. People just want to bully parents! And celebrities like Jessica Biel and Kat Von D? They weren’t singled out by journalists and the scientific community because of the dangerous anti-vaccination propaganda they promote on their massive platforms—it’s really because nobody believes women!

Earlier in the weekend, Jameson was similarly occupied by tweeting to her 700,000 followers about the “social conditioning” experiment run by the Clintons and a very dead Jeffrey Epstein to forcibly turn American children into trans people. Funny how her conspiracy theories have come full circle here: A trans woman is currently aggregating her anti-vaxx tweet for a snarky column on a women’s blog with “feminism” in its mission statement. Everyone, wave to Jenna! [Twitter]

Who needs a palate cleanser? According to the Cambridges’ official Instagram account, the couple will prepare some holiday treats alongside Mary Berry in a BBC special, A Berry Royal Christmas. A press release describes the televised event as a celebration of “all those working and volunteering over the Christmas period.”

While Kate has made cooking a tangential aspect of her overall brand, I’m mostly surprised BBC didn’t enlist the Sussexes for the extremely cool job of cooking alongside Paul Hollywood’s arch-nemesis. Or maybe the BBC had no choice in which royals were allowed on camera, which seems the more likely option. (Perhaps those rumors of a feud are true after all!)

Regardless, I’m sure A Berry Royal Christmas is not at all a distraction from the ongoing fallout concerning Prince Andrew and his connection to Jeffrey Epstein. I do wonder, though, if the baking special will garner as many viewers as accuser Virginia Roberts’s interview on Panorama tonight! [Instagram]

Porsha Williams told Andy Cohen on WWHL that she and hot dog king Dennis McKinley are “re-engaged.”

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  • Jacob Elordi thinks Zendaya is amazing. [Just Jared]

(Updated 3/3/22 with new details)

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