Oh, Hay: Horsing Around Is So Fashionable


In November, Vogue taunted us by publishing a LOL-worthy horse. Wearing a hat. How could we know It was only the beginning? The February issue (with poor, mistreated covergirl Jessica Biel), features a shoot titled “Back In The Saddle.” Look:

See that? That’s the blank stare of a woman who’s been forced to pose with a plastic horse.

He’s not going to eat it, sweetie. There, there. Go ahead and cry on your $6,000 Hermes saddle. We’ll wait.

As I said in November, this kind of thing makes me reluctant to do LOLVogue. When Vogue tries to be quirky or funny, it kind of sucks the fun out of mocking the photoshoot. It’s more fun to LOL when the mag takes itself seriously. On the other hand: SHE IS GROOMING A HORSE WITH NO HAIR.

Some ideas:

  • 1. It’s a commentary about the rich and privileged living like they’re going through the motions in the midst of financial insecurity.
  • 2. The model represents women who like fashion, and the horse represents Vogue, and the message is: We’re pretending it’s vibrant and breathing, when it is clearly just glossy and fake.
  • 3. Girls like horses.

Just when I’d decided that the second Vogue horse was a fluke, I got an email from Anthropologie with this photograph from their new catalog. A horse is a horse, of course, of course. But riding bareback and in wedges? Neigh.

And let’s not forget the horselady huntresses of the Dior show. It’s official: Horses are hot. But not in the down-home country way. Only in the “I-have-acres-of-land-and-a-stable-of stable-boys” way. And sort of in the circus way. Maybe. (A movie version of the book Water for Elephants is in the works!)

In any case, the Vogue pictures began haunting my dreams, so I did the only thing I could do:

I LOL’d.

Your turn! You can use the images from Vogue and the awesome roflbot (get it here), then post your LOLs in the comments.

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