Oh Look! More Evidence That Hilaria Baldwin Totally Never Lied About Being From Spain

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Oh Look! More Evidence That Hilaria Baldwin Totally Never Lied About Being From Spain
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Hilaria Baldwin, the yoga maven and wellness influencer who was recently accused of pretending to be Spanish while really being from Boston, was claiming to be from outside the country as recently as last month. During an episode of her podcast “Mom Brains” published in November, Hilaria Baldwin talked about the fashion brand Zara, speaking in what easily could be construed as an attempt at a Spanish accent. But don’t worry, I’ve been told that’s a very common misunderstanding encountered by white women from Boston.

During an interview on the podcast, Hilaria claimed that she’d loved the brand for a long time—since even before she was in the United States!

“It’s, you know, it is a Spanish brand,” she said. “And so I’ve known about it since, for very, very, very long time before I was in this country. And I’ve always been obsessed with it.”

I, for one, was intrigued to learn that Boston apparently exists outside of the United States. What a confusing statement to come from a woman who allegedly just loves clarity! Even more perplexing when you consider the fact that her own husband Alec Baldwin also seemed to believe she was from Spain. But OBVIOUSLY, this clusterfuck must simply be a massive misunderstanding resulting from a decade of vague reporting—it’s not like Hilaria’s own husband, Alec Baldwin, also believed she was from Spain.

Oh wait… [Page Six]

Soon after rapper Playboi Carti dropped his album Whole Lotta Red last Friday, his former girlfriend Iggy Azalea took to Twitter to accuse him of bailing on celebrating Christmas with their infant baby, cheating on her throughout her entire pregnancy, and allegedly refusing to sign their child’s birth certificate. After announcing back in June that she’d given birth to a boy named Onyx, Iggy revealed in October that she was raising her son alone and was seemingly no longer in a relationship with Carti (though he was still apparently in Onyx’s life).

Early on Sunday, Iggy shared on Twitter that the two had talked and been attempting to work through their parenting issues, but the peace seemingly didn’t last long, as later on the same day she posted a quote on her Instagram stories with the text “A baby is not a pawn!! Shall I continue?”

In a series of Instagram Story posts, Iggy claimed Carti “is very much the one who chases after me, manipulated me via my own child & has had full access to his child since birth.”

“Every time I’ve said, I’m happy and I want to move on this man has chased me and promised that he just needs to finish his album. I’d been looking at new homes for us to move into once OUR lease ends in Jan for months. And as far as I knew, things had been getting better with us.”

She continued on to accuse her baby’s father of not being present in his life.

“Every time I’ve said I’m happy to send a nanny with onyx to Atlanta this man would say ‘I only want to see him if you are there too, I want to see my FAMILY.’
… This man won’t even FaceTime my son unless I’m on the call. He’s got the nannies number to call, he doesn’t want to. Men use children to manipulate too which is what’s been happening to me.”

Carti’s only public response to Iggy’s accusations was to post a photo and video on Twitter of him with Onyx on Sunday night, which definitely doesn’t seem like an attempt to cover his own ass.

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