Okay, If I Read Another Headline About Will Smith’s Sex Life I’m Going to Scream

Will and Jada's openness about their love lives is refreshing, but only in small doses.

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Okay, If I Read Another Headline About Will Smith’s Sex Life I’m Going to Scream
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Here’s some information I did not need to know about Will Smith: As a teen, he had so much sex after finding out his girlfriend cheated on him that he developed a “psychosomatic reaction” to having an orgasm, causing him to “gag and sometimes even vomit.” This nugget, as reported by Buzzfeed, was laid out in Smith’s new memoir, Will, which delves into everything from his career to his toxic relationship with his father. But memoir aside, it feels like we’re learning new information about the sex life of Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, weekly at this point—and it’s becoming a bit much.

In fairness, Will Smith is having a moment: Aside from the memoir, he’s the star of the movie King Richard, in which he portrays Richard Williams, the prickly, no-nonsense father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. He may land himself an Oscar nomination for the role. Meanwhile, he’s the focus of a YouTube Original Series called Will Smith: The Best Shape Of My Life, in which Smith attempts to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks.

So, yes, there’s a lot going on with ol’ Fresh Prince, which apparently means learning a lot about his love life, en masse.

In his memoir, which came out earlier this month, Smith reportedly said that he met a counselor who specializes in tantric sexuality sometime after his brief 2011 separation from Pinkett Smith. He had a spiritual journey and realized that he would be happiest in a “harem.” Sure!

Meanwhile, in October during an episode of her Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk, Pinkett Smith admitted that maintaining a healthy sex life with Smith can be “hard.” And back in September, while Smith stopped short of discussing longrunning rumors of nonmonogamy between himself and Pinkett Smith, he told GQ that “Jada never believed in conventional marriage.”

While not quite comparable to the “entanglement” saga of 2020—you know, when husband and wife met at The Red Table to talk about their betrayals and dysfunction for all the world to see—this is steadily turning into another round of TMI overload. Not because I think we shouldn’t talk about the difficulties of sex and intimacy (we should) or because I’m above knowing about the nitty gritty of celebrity relationships (I’m not). It’s because every headline about these two either comes across as subtweets or preparation for a very horny edition of Trivial Pursuit.

On the whole, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith seem delightful. They’re both talented in their own right, they appear to have nourished their children’s artistic freedom, and they can be refreshingly frank about the trials and tribulations of their relationship. But I would love to go a few months (just a few!) without learning another facet of their imperfect marriage. We get it!

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