Old Married Couple Dies Four Hours Apart Because The Notebook Is Real


True love never dies and if it does, the lovebirds die together. After 62 years of marriage and two children, Don and Maxine Simpson of Bakersfield, California managed to will themselves into the hereafter together.

According to ABC News, Melissa Sloan, the couple’s granddaughter, made sure they were together when she sensed the end was near. Don had broken his hip and was taken to the hospital, where his health was failing him. Elsewhere the cancer Maxine had been fighting for several years began to progress.

“I knew in my heart this is what’s supposed to happen. Grandma and Grandpa are supposed to be together and Grandma and Grandpa are going to die together,” Sloan said.

Melissa took Don to her home where she’d prepared a room for her grandparents. There, Maxine was already resting so Melissa set up Don in his own bed and pushed the two together. When Maxine woke up, Don held her hand. Hours later, she passed away and as the health aides rolled her body out of the couple’s room, Don passed away not long after.

“As soon as her body left the room, he left with her and they passed away four hours apart,” Sloan said. “It’s just amazing. It really is amazing. It’s a true love story.”

Image via ABC News.

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