Olivia Colman Brought a 'Big, Wet Sponge' to Her Favourite Fingering Scene With Emma Stone 


Emma Stone was apparently nervous about doing a fingering scene with Olivia Colman on the set of The Favourite. So what did Colman do? Well, she went and got a “big, wet sponge” from the makeup department and nestled it right up against her crotch. Problem solved!

Please enjoy this moment from The Graham Norton Show, via Vulture, in which Colman talks about her solution for Stone’s worries. Because this is Olivia Colman, who honestly seems like a real blast, she tells the story in a very funny manner, including explaining bluntly to her fellow guests: “So Emma Stone had to finger me.” The best part of the clip, however, is Keira Knightley’s absolutely horrified face at the thought of getting a handful of cold, wet sponge.

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