OMG, Bird Shoes!


Kobi Levi designs spectacular, nonuniform shoes that often look more like everyday objects than footwear. He takes items from pop culture (like Olive Oyl) and nature (such as bananas) and through his almost-magical artsitry, turns them into a wearable shoe.

Levi describes his inspiration as such:

In my artistic footwear design the shoe is my canvas. The trigger to create a new piece comes when an idea, a concept and/or an image comes to mind. The combination of the image and footwear creates a new hybrid and the design/concept comes to life. The piece is a wearable sculpture. It is “alive” with/out the foot/body. Most of the inspirations are out of the “shoe-world”, and give the footwear an extreme transformation. The result is usually humoristic with a unique point of view about footwear.

So far, Kobe’s birds of choice are swans, ducks, and toucans (left). We can’t find any outlets that actually sell the avian-themed shoes, but eventually the internet will find a way to put a pair in our closet. We have faith like that.


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