One Directioner So Over Selfies With Fans, He's Actually in Pain

Step 1: Grab phone angrily; Step 2: Fake Smile; Step 3: Look like you’re about to die; Step 4: Repeat over and over until you forget why you wanted this in the first place. Liam Payne is in so much pain.

This vine, taken (vined?) at the ARIAS shows exactly how your “selfie with celebrity” sausage is made. And if you’ve ever wanted to be even semi-famous, you’re going to be grateful that you’re in your own home right now, chilling by the computer and not taking hundreds of selfies with fans whose screams are so shrill they might actually pierce your eardrums. (Actually, that doesn’t sound so bad. Do I get a new computer with it?)

Keep it together, Liam! Imagine how Harry must feel. He’s the popular one.

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