Orange Is The New Black's Laverne Cox Is Simply Stunning in Vibe Vixen


The new issue of Vibe Vixen has a spectacular cover featuring the ladies of Orange Is the New Black all dolled up in evening gowns and jewels. (Click to enlarge and see how beautiful!) Inside, actress Laverne Cox reveals the horrible treatment she was subjected to when she was young.

Cox and her twin brother grew up in Alabama, and it was not easy, she tells Vibe Vixen:

What can you tell us about your worst experience with bullying?
When I grew up in Alabama, I was called a sissy, a fag and kids basically wanted to beat me up every day. There was a time in middle school when some kids hit my brother and I with drumsticks and a parent from the school saw it. We knew we could never tell our mother because she would blame us and question why we weren’t fighting back, but the principal called her. It was really awful and painful.
How supportive was your twin brother through the transitioning process?
He’s amazing. It’s never been an issue for him. He loves me and wants me to be happy. He gets it. He’s a musician with a beautiful voice and an absolutely wonderful performer.

And she has a positive outlook about what’s to come:

Does it make you hopeful for the future as a trans actress?
We knew this was different, because in our industry people only care about size zero white girls and straight white men. But our show’s popularity across the board is crazy. I’ve had all types of people from all walks of life come up to me and love the show, so I truly hope this begins to change the industry.

There’s much more about Cox here. In addition, you can read a great piece about Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes and is also a playwright. Love this from her:

How does it feel to be on a show where it’s all women, colors, shapes, and sizes?
Incredible and exciting; it feels that way because to be part of anything that feels singular- like you’re watching something you’ve never seen before- always is exciting. I think the best thing about this opportunity is we get to watch a one of a kind thing. It’s because we have such diversity with race, size, color, height, our orientation; everybody is represented. I’ve never seen anything like it on TV and then for it to be celebrated is just incredible.

The main OITNB story is here; see behind the scenes of the cover shoot here.

[Vibe Vixen]

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