Orgasms Are Better for Brains Than Crosswords


Sudoku or crosswords are decent mental exercises, but only in certain parts of the brain. Orgasms, however, work the whole damn thing over according to scientists.

Professor Barry Komisaruk has dedicated his career to understanding how intense pleasure affects the brain—specifically that of the female brain—and has found that orgasms “bring all the nutrients and oxygenation” to it.

Komisaruk began his research intovaginal stimulation in the 1960s. At the time he was working with female rats, using a new technique to listen to the neurons firing in their brains. “I tried all different kinds of stimulus. Giving them chocolate milk and water and vinegar, brushing the fur and pinching their feet. I tried vaginal stimulation too.” When he did this, using a small glass rod, the rats momentarily became paralysed and appeared insensible to pain. The pleasure seemed to block the pain.

The 72-year-old is doing interesting work, but he’s also kind of pervy. In his interview with The Times of London, he claims that all his orgasms are what have kept him so young-looking. He also bragged about his abilities to finger bang mice.

“I can perform a very fine surgery,” he says. “People said I had magic fingers because I could elicit in rats a sexual response that others couldn’t.”

Forget Su Doku, orgasms are better for the brain [Times of London]

Image via simonox/Shutterstock

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