Ovary-Freezing Recommended For Women In Their Twenties


Today in Things You Are Doing Wrong, Wrong, Wrong: a fertility expert claims women should freeze portions of ovaries in their 20’s to assure future baby having.

Dr Sherman Silber, fertility expert with a subspeciality in Debbie Downerology, claims that younger women should consider banking portions of their ovaries now, before that junk goes bad, and that multiple courses of egg harvesting should occur to ensure optimal babymaking. It’s not all doom and gloom for women who wish to reproduce in the future, as science offers near-eternal ovarian youth. Says the good Dr. Siber, “A woman could freeze her ovary at age 19 and have a 19-year-old ovary aged 40.” Hot!

Creating ovum-sicles wouldn’t theoretically impact one’s present fertility, and thus those of us who wish to conceive naturally in the near term would still be able to do so.

Critics of the procedure warn that the ovary harvesting/freezing procedure is relatively untested and still needs to be perfected.

The takeaway from this, round-heeled carefree women in your 20’s, is that it’s never too early to worry about fertility. As the new old wives’ tale goes, If you want kids when you’re a geezer, put that shit in the freezer.

Women ‘should freeze ovaries in their twenties’ [The Independent]

Image via Teerapun/Shutterstock.

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